Need Some Ideas?

StorypodcastNot sure if you have anything to share? Imagine yourself at a small gathering of close friends…a lot of laughing and sharing; a really relaxed group. Someone says, “You know what happened to me the other day?” and off they go sharing a simple story of something enjoyable for the group. It isn’t ground breaking, but the group listens. And then the person across from them says, “That reminds me of the time that…” and off they go. And so on…

That’s Story Podcast…

How about:

  • One of your favorite moments from grade school
  • A frustrating moment from last week
  • A surprising moment during work yesterday
  • A memorable experience with your dad from years ago
  • A time you got lost
  • An “ah-ha” experience you had

And the list goes on. I remember hearing a person on a podcast share the story of when they were at a play in their local city where they were kind of famous. A couple asked for a picture and the guy sidled up to the young woman who had asked and put his arm around her and began posing…when all they wanted was for him to take the picture with them in it…That story would fit out podcast…and so would yours…

Call 1-801-210-0107 to share a story now…Remember, you’ll share your first name (you don’t even have to do that), but no one will know it is you…so you have nothing to lose!

Need Some Ideas?

We Want to Hear Your Story…In Your Voice…

Here’s the deal…We want to hear your story.

Storypodcast1We don’t care about how exciting or odd the story is. We just want to hear you share a story, any story, that you’ve lived through…And we want it in your voice… Call (801) 210-0107 and be prepared to share a story with us, unscripted, in your own voice (once you are told to leave a message). Regulalry, we’ll randomly choose three or four stories and add them to the podcast. Just you telling us about something that’s happened to you recently…

Here are four subjects to think about, and that we’d like to hear about:

1. Share a short story of a great moment from your childhood

2. Share a short story of a moment where you had some kind of “ah-ha” experience

3. Share a short story where someone did something meaningful to/for you recently

4. Share a short story of your own choosing from your life

Some things to keep in mind when you call in:

  • We’re not posting vulgarity or profanity, so edit yourself.
  • Your story should not exceed 3 minutes.
  • Before you share your story, state your FIRST NAME (no last names).
  • Don’t try to be too professional. We don’t mind some umms or uhhs or a little nervous stuttering and stumbling. That’s part of telling a story. You don’t need to call in and re-record a story if you stumbled the first time. We don’t care about that. We’re not polished, by any means.
  • We’re not picking stories just because they’re interesting or exciting. We’ll take anything. Even the boring, day-to-day stuff. Just call in and start recording.
  • Don’t overthink this. It is mean to be simple. Over time, we’ll have a podcast with thousands of stories. And people love to listen to stories…

Sound boring? Not sure what this podcast is really going to turn into? Well, stay tuned…and share with your friends…

We Want to Hear Your Story…In Your Voice…